1-Macromolecular Chemistry: From Precise Chemistry to industrial polymers

-          CERUTTI Pierfrancesco   CNR-Instituto di Chimica e Tecnologia dei Polimeri-Pozzuoli (Italy)

-          DU PREZ Filip  Ghent University- Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry (Belgium)

-          GEORGIOU Theoni  Imperial College-Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials (UK)

-          HUTCHINGS Lian  Durham University-Department of Chemistry (UK)

-          IVAN Bela Institute of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (Hungary)

-          LUTZ Jean-François  Université de Strasbourg- Institut Charles Sadron (France)

-          ODELIUS Karin  KTH-Department of Fibre and Polymer Technology (Sweeden)

-          RANUCCI ELisabetta  Universita Degli Studi Di Milano- Dipartamento di Chimica (Italy)

-          TOPHAM Paul D.  Aston University- Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (UK)

-          SEVERN John DSM Research Maastricht- Polymer Chemistry & Catalysis (The Netherlands)

-          WEIL Tanja  Max Planck Institute Für Polymerforschung-Mainz (Germany)


  2. Processes and Polymers: Polymerization Processes and Polymer Processing

-          ASUA José  Basque Country University- Institute for Polymer Materials POLYMAT San Sebastian (Spain)

-          BERLUNG Lars  KTH Stockholm-School of Chemical Science and Engineering (Sweeden)

-          CLAEYSSENS Frederik  University of Sheffield-Department of Materials Science and Engineering (UK)

-          DUSKOVA Miroslava  Institute of Macromoclecular Chemistry- Prague (Czech Republic)

-          HOLLAND Christopher  University of Sheffield-Department of Materials Science and Engineering (UK)

-          Mc NALLY Tony  University of Warwick- International Institute for Nanocomposites Manufacturing (UK)

-          MICHAUD Véronique  EPFL Lausanne-Laboratoire de mise en oeuvre de composites à haute performance (Switzerland)

-          WALTHER Andreas  Albert-Lüdwig Freiburg University-Institut für  Makromolekulare Chemie (Germany)


3. Physics of Polymers and Polymer Materials

-          ANASTASIADIS Spiros  FORTH IESL- Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser- Heraklion (Greece)

-          CRETON Constantino  ESPCI Paris- Science & Ingénierie de la Matière Molle (France)

-          FINA Alberto  Politecnico di Torino- DISAT Department of Applied Science and Technology –Alessandria (Italy)

-          FRIEDRICH Heiner  TU Eindhoven- Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry (TheNetherlands)

-          GALIOTIS Costas  University of Patras- Department of Chemical Engineering- Patras (Greece)

-          PEIJS Tom  Queen Mary university of London –School of Engineering & Materials Science (UK)

-          PEREGO Michele  CNR-Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (Italy)

-          RASTOGI Sanjay  Eindhoven University of Technology – Department of Chemical Engineering (The Netherlands)

-          VOIT Brigitte  Leibniz Institute Für Polymerforschung – Mainz (Germany)


4. Polymer characterization methods

-          BRUS Jiri  Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry- Prague (Czech Republic)

-          PARADOSSI Gaio  University Roma Tor Vergata- Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules (Italy)

-          ORTIN Alberto  R&D Department at Polymer Char Co. (Spain)


5. Modelling and simulation

-          COLMENERO Juan  University of Basque Country – Polymers and Soft Matter Group- San Sebastian (Spain)

-          MILANO Giuseppe  Universita Degli Studi Di Salerno- Dipartmento di Chimica e Biologia (Italy)

-          RAPHAEL Elie  ESPCI Paris- Institut Gulliver (France)


Polymer as Answers of Societal Issues

-          ETRYCH Thomas  Institute of Macromoclecular Chemistry- Prague (Czech Republic)

-          GIORNO Lidietta  CNR- Institute on Membrane Technology- Rende (Italy)

-          MIJANGOS Carmen  CSIC- Nanostructured Polymers and Gels Group- Madrid (Spain)

-          MECERREYES David  POLYMAT- Macromolecular Design & Engineering Group- San Sebastian (Spain)

-          PUCCI Andrea  Universita di Pisa- Dipartemento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale- Pisa (Italy)

-          SANS ROMAN Julio  CSIC- Grupo de Biomateriales- Madrid (Spain)

-          WISTRAND Anna Finne  KTH Stockholm- Polymer Technology division (Sweden)



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